Free Standing Stainless Steel Sink Unit


free-standing-stainless-steel-sink-unit Free Standing Stainless Steel Sink Unit

Free Standing Stainless Steel Sink Unit – Why is it that people invest so much money designing and implementing their bathrooms? Why is it that homes with great bathrooms sell quicker than others? On average, we Americans spend approximately five years in the restroom during our lifetime. The toilet is getting a house spa in which we relax and unwind after a very long day. It is the 1 place where we could seek, and locate, solace. So it’s not tough to know why we spend a lot of our house improvement budget on items like air baths, multi-head showers and beautiful fixtures. One of those fixtures is your sink. The sink is often nearly overlooked and nearly always under-appreciated. However, the sink is just one of the focal points of this tub and the ideal sink can break or make the whole bath’s design. TOTO is among the manufacturers who know this and they create sinks which are never take a back seat to the other design elements on your own toilet. And they take the guesswork out of designing your new dream tub with their bath collections. Simply choose a set and all of the elements-toilet, bathtub, sinks, and faucets– will coordinate beautifully.

TOTO is a master in designing all of today’s bath sinks-from wall-mount to vanity– which can make your new dream bath a place you’ll love to spend time. Here are a few of the very best TOTO toilet sinks to consider for your toilet.

Wall-Mounted Sinks

Wall-mounted sinks are making a style statement in Contemporary bathrooms today. The simplicity of a wall-mount sink isn’t anything but dull once you add a fantastic tile background and a fabulous faucet. They’re a substitute for console and pedestal sinks and while they do have the exact same drawback of these sinks-lack of storage space beneath– wall-mounted sinks also has an advantage many sinks do not have, they may be placed at various heights to accommodate kids and adults that are less than comfortable at the ordinary sink elevation. They also save floor space. There are far more choices when purchasing wall-mount sinks now than ever before. TOTO’s wall-mount sinks are a case in point with their Prominence and Supreme sinks with their elegant curves and SanaGloss Technology which helps to keep your lovely sink beautiful.


Looking for something slick and contemporary? TOTO’s console sinks are a perfect option. These sinks offer you the countertop space very similar to a vanity sink but is a great alternative for people who are searching for something more unique. Or you might choose TOTO’s Lloyd Metal Console Lavatory with china and metal styling. Add an easy stainless steel or nickel faucet to both of these console sinks to your ultimate contemporary luxury.

Raised Square Sinks

Square above-counter sinks raise the bar on bath vanities. Granite countertops are more comfortable without bending. Or choose TOTO’s Sedona Square vessel tub spout that’s a perfect fit for any style bathroom. Square sinks are a trendy addition to contemporary bathrooms but the trendiness could be dropped if it is not paired with the right vanity. Think about a black wood vanity with contemporary styling or a raised wall mount vanity in a wood finish.

A boat sink is among the most flexible bath sinks. These could be utilised in any fashion tub and they are available in many colors and shapes. TOTO vessel sinks are no exception. For your Asian inspired bath the TOTO offers the Waza Noir cast iron boat bathroom in matte black; for the appearance of contemporary the Curva Round Vessel Lavatory; the traditional Nexus and for any style tub there is the Larissa 17″ Round. Dress up these sinks with your choice of vanity and tile for your own unique appearance.

Nothing could be cuter or charming than a pedestal sink and TOTO’s pedestal sinks are certainly no less. Have a look at the Whitney, Carrollton or Dartmouth pedestal sinks with matching toilet for the vintage appearance toilet or the Promenade Pedestal with more traditional styling. For those of you who love contemporary TOTO has you covered as well with the Nexus, Pacifica or the Soiree. Pair two pedestal sinks with a type of storage between like a little chest of drawers, storage cupboard or open shelves for towels and toiletries.

Vanity Sinks

Start with any TOTO self-rimming or under-counter sink, add a vanity cupboard on your favorite style and finish and shirt with a drop-dead countertop and you’ve got a real morning eye-opener. There is no limit to the appearances your can achieve with the TOTO lineup of vanity sinks with fitting tubs, bathrooms and exquisite coordinating faucets. And should you believe vanity sinks are dull you don’t know TOTO.

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